Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Don’t Let Your Sinuses Bring You Down this Season

Don’t Let Your Sinuses Bring You Down this Season

Whether it is an annoying tickle in the back of your throat, or a full-blown congestion that makes your sinuses feel heavy, sinus problems are nothing to sneeze at. Each year, approximately 36 million Americans suffer from chronic sinus problems.

Let’s face it—no one enjoys being unable to breathe through his or her nose. While a cold is often gone within a week, sinusitis can last a lot longer. If you have ever had a cold or allergy attack that just wouldn’t go away, you might be suffering from sinusitis. Dr Meena is an ENT doctor that is available to help you find a solution to your sinus complications. Whether you are experiencing allergies or sinus pain.

Chronic sinusitis symptoms can make you miserable and significantly impact your quality of life. In order to get relief, you need to make the right treatment decision with ENT Dr Meena Nihalani is typically treated with medication first.  Treatment with antibiotics or topical nasal steroid sprays is often successfully in reducing mucosal swelling, fighting infection and relieving obstructions of the sinus opening. Inhaling steam or the use of a saline nasal spray can also help to relieve sinus discomfort.

If medication does not eliminate your symptoms, you may need sinus surgery. The goals of sinus surgery are to clear blocked sinuses in order to restore normal sinus drainage and to preserve normal anatomy and mucosal tissue. Specialized instruments are placed into the nose along with a small endoscope to help the surgeon see inside the nose and nasal cavities.

Because symptoms of sinusitis can sometimes mimic those of colds and allergies, you may not realize you need to see a doctor.  If you suspect you have sinusitis, review the signs and symptoms, and consult Dr. Meena Nihalani an ENT specialist in indirapuram, for further diagnosis.

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